Friends & Family





Rocco was taught and mentored in business early on by his father who owned Italian Restaurants, was a General Contractor / Developer buying and selling real estate as Rocco and his two brothers were growing up.  His father re-enforced and taught him work ethics, desire, motivation, principles of a good contract, keeping a mans word on paper or in a handshake as well as being tenacious in the business world. His father “instilled values and morals from his grandfather …never letting him forget that success has no boundaries,” as stated by Rocco. Also Rocco’s father and mother knew his true passion and desire was helping people and was a leader and not a follower.. Meaning he would never feel comfortable working for anyone but himself as the owner and proprietor of his own business. Rocco has many talents and skills.. but real estate is his number one desire and passion in helping people. While helping many people he has acquired many new friends who have become like family to him. Family is very important to Rocco and being a true Italian, his love of family comes first and always remembering his Italian family roots.

Rocco attended USC and has a degree in Architecture with a minor in Business and Cinematography. Throughout the years he has Acted in major film projects and successful movies and performed on Stage on the East Coast as well as the West Coast. While attending USC he was a working Actor, which helped support some of his financial obligations in school. Upon graduating he worked for various top notch Architectural Firms and years later acquiring his Real estate license to sell real estate in Nevada.

          Rocco Pietro Sr.  Patriarch of Family